Better decisions

  • I’ve never been one to think about things very hard before doing them. Impulsive, reckless, immature. Ive heard them all more than a few times. I started my first job at 16 years old and finally had a steady income, so what do I do? Well no established credit yet so no major purchases. Badcock home and furniture was more than willing to give a 16-year old $2,500 worth of credit. I purchased a new laptop and tablet (neither that I actually needed) just too get my credit started. I was making the monthly payments just fine until I quit my job. Nothing seems to interest me for long, relationships, jobs, after a while they all become repetitive and I am unable to keep myself in the situation. I worked at that job for a year and a half before quitting. Waking up every day to do the same unpleasant thing as yesterday just couldn’t motivate me enough to stay. Why have we created a society that is okay with being unhappy? We work every day for the hope of a good retirement, at 19 years old one shouldn’t have to get a job that isn’t making you smarter or growing a trade. Patiently waiting for a job you genuinely enjoy is in all ways better than making money at a place that makes you suicidal at best. Back to my original topic- I make rash decisions that don’t always work out. For example:
    1. Buying $800 tires with no job
      Setting multiple credit accounts up
      Driving for no reason (stress relief)
      Burning bridges with co-workers/friends
  • Mistakes happen but it seems that no matter what you end up doing life is going to have its way nevertheless. The best way to live I suppose is day to day not caring about the opinions of others and taking opportunities as they come.
  • Surviving a hurricane

    Hurricane michael hit land October 10, 2018. Being the man I was even after all the warnings from the news, I still was not leaving my house. My current location is Altha, Florida; a small, small town about 50 miles from panama city that got the direct hit. Two or three hours before the actual storm my mother forces me too move to another stronger brick house. I’ll be honest I wasn’t worried at all, we had never had any storm bad enough for me as a 19 year old too be worried about. Boy an awakening was coming. As a sat in a brand new brick house and felt the foundation pick itself up, there was nothing I feared more than the weather. Being helpless too wind and rain is a feeling that sticks with you. Every time it rains you get memories of the storm. Almost two months later my house still doesn’t have holding power, the river is flooding many houses as we speak because of water level. You can’t walk or drive around without seeing debris in a yard or on houses. Almost every house has a tarp and the ones that don’t are the lucky few. I showered with water bottles and ate MRE meals just to be clean and have food. The day after I walked over 2 miles just to see the devastation of my own home, there was so many trees and power lines down it was impossible to drive. You had to climb through trees to get through normally busy roads. We had no cell service and surely no wifi. Our town will never look the same and we barely get recognized because of the bigger cites like Panama and Mexico beach getting most of the attention.

    Building a lasting relationship

    We aren’t on this earth long enough to be around people that don’t benefit us. A bold but very real statement. Now that benefit could be emotionally, financially, physically, etc.. If having contact with someone doesn’t make you happy or increase wealth it’s likely this won’t be a lasting exchange anyway. With that being said when looking for someone too call your friend always pay close attention. Does this person make me a better person? Are they really interested in seeing me succeed? Friendships are built over time, explore your comfort zone. Try going somewhere oh usually wouldn’t and talking to someone you normally wouldn’t have.